Our Story

How it all started

Sarah Haught

Sarah Haught, founder of Beauty From Ashes Ranch

Hi, I am Sarah Haught, Founder of Beauty From Ashes Ranch. I was born and raised in a Christian home and grew up in a ranching family riding horses, playing sports and wrestling with stubborn 4-H steers. My faith, my family and the ranching lifestyle developed my strong character traits. Service to God was instilled in me from an early age, and in serving Him I was taught to serve others.

My journey started 4 years ago. The Lord gave me a vision to build a ranch and provide a safe haven for survivors, bringing them healing and restoration. At first, I told God the task is too big for me to handle, but I believed I could make a shift in my career as a Tucson Police officer to follow His direction and become apart of the solution fighting the problem and rescuing those girls out of slavery.

After I joined the Human Trafficking Unit, I quickly came to realize many of the harsh realities survivors face. Every year, children and youth are coerced into labor and sex trafficking, globally and in the United States. The trauma experienced from trafficking has a devastating psychological impact on the lives of youth, challenging their self-identity and harming their ability to move on or develop as people. Most alarming is that there is an absence of proper long-term facilities in Arizona to help young women and girls who have survived this trauma. If we as law enforcement have nowhere to send survivors, and no way to offer them hope, we are failing them.

Service to God was instilled in me from an early age, and in serving Him I was taught to serve others. I believe my mission is to serve Him by helping those in grave need of safety and security, and that is why I need your help to build Beauty From Ashes Ranch.


Expanding the vision

The ranch is centrally located in Arizona. We have plans to start with one home, with acreage to grow into an entire community, giving us the capacity to help many young survivors.

ranch landscape


Where we are headed

We are working towards building our first recovery home, which will provide long-term holistic care to each young girl that comes to us. The survivors will live on the ranch until they are adults. College and job placement programs will be in place to help them transition off of the ranch, while still receiving guidance, counseling and help with housing.

layout of ranch home