Board of Directors


Sarah Haught, Founder and President

Sarah Haught is the founder of Beauty From Ashes Ranch. Sarah is responsible for the vision, strategy, and facilitation of the team behind Beauty From Ashes Ranch. Isaiah 61:3 ends with, “The planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified”. Sarah’s strong Christian faith has guided her to help others since childhood and plant her faith in the Lord into the lives of the community. Whether it is missionary work overseas, coordinating memorial events for fallen soldiers, or working with the Special Olympics, Sarah has always given her time, faith, and love to others. Sarah attended college on scholarships for soccer, track and field, and cross country. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Jefferson State College. Sarah’s desire to help the community lead her career in law enforcement. She has worked 11 years as a police officer, crisis intervention technician, and undercover officer in the Street Crime Interdiction Unit.

She is a member of the Southern Arizona Anti-Trafficking Unified Response Network (SAATURN). Sarah has been a teacher and mentor for students at Pima Community College for 3 years. Sarah sets the example through personal action and faith in God. She has the experience to build teams, and direct them to glorify God through helping others.

During her time working in the sex trafficking unit, Sarah saw a need for a long-term holistic care facility in order for survivors to fully escape and heal from their traumatic past. Sarah was always taught by her parents while growing up, “See a need and fill it.”

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mickey Petersen, Vice President

Mickey Petersen has over 20 years law enforcement experience, a masters in education and an exemplary military career. Mickey has seen first hand the devastation and tragedies from sex trafficking. He has dedicated his life to protecting this country and helping others succeed, making him the perfect fit for Beauty From Ashes Ranch.


Lauri Haught, Treasurer

Lauri Haught was born and raised in Arizona, graduated from Central High School in Phoenix, and attended college on a scholarship. Lauri excelled in track and field in high school and college. Lauri has been married for 36 years to Carrel Haught, and is the mother of four incredible girls, Sarah, Melissa, Jessica & Shauna.

The exceptional qualities and faith in the Lord that make Lauri a leader drove her to maintain a successful career as an entrepreneur with Tupperware, Avon, and as a tax return preparer. She held several management positions in customer service and is currently working in a role that encompasses all facets of accounting.

Lauri consistently steps up and takes the lead in whatever she does, showing her daughters and other women that they, too can be leaders, raise a family and maintain a career. Lauri is proof that all things are possible with Christ.


Carrel Haught, Board Member

Carrel Haught has been a leader in facilities management in the special event industry for more than 15 years. Carrel doesn’t brag about accomplishments; he is the type of man who builds teams, solves problems, and gets things done.

Whether on a construction site, ranch, or concert with thousands attending, Carrel is the man who makes things work. He is a true Arizona cowboy who has successfully managed organizations for over 30 years. Carrel has been married for 36 years and raised strong powerful daughters who are leaders themselves. Carrel has led his family to follow Christ’s example to see a need and fill it.

Carrel is a man who can accomplish anything and fears nothing because he knows Jesus. Beauty from Ashes Ranch is ultimately a result of the faith and love he and his wife provided for their daughters. Carrel does not need titles and praise, as being a part of the ranch is proof his service to God will continue for another generation through his daughters. The greatest title he holds is, “humble servant of the Lord.”


Kyle Glenn, Board Member

Kyle Glenn has served as a pastor in a number of roles over the course of 23 years and is currently a Campus Pastor at Sun Valley Community Church in Tempe, Arizona. Kyle graduated in Pastoral Studies from Moody Bible Institute in 1997 and has a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Kyle has been married to Crystal for 24 years and has three daughters. He believes every person is made in the image of God and therefore, has infinite value, worth, and dignity. He believes every girl and woman being trafficked is loved by an almighty God with unconditional love. Every person caught in this modern-day evil is worth fighting for and deserves an opportunity to find hope, healing, and ultimately, recovery.


Sarah McCargish, Ministry Outreach Advocate

Sarah McCargish has always had a heart for the defenseless and a desire to be a voice for the voiceless. As a senior at Liberty University, she had the opportunity to intern in Costa Rica where she studied human sex trafficking and worked with victims. In May of 2018, Sarah graduated with a B.S. in Human Services as well as a Double Minor in Psychology and Sociology. A year later, in May of 2019, she joined Beauty From Ashes Ranch as the Ministry Outreach Advocate. She currently lives in Arizona and speaks to churches, organizations, and individuals to raise awareness about human sex trafficking and how we are working to fight this injustice. Once the ranch is built, Sarah will live on the ranch as one of the staff privileged to mentor and encourage these precious girls.


Beth Kennedy, Advisor & Event Coordinator

Beth Kennedy has devoted her life to helping children succeed. She is a retired physical educator and devotes her free time to helping kid’s dreams come true through Make-A-Wish Foundation.  When she heard about Beauty From Ashes she jumped at the chance to be a part of it. She has played an integral role of promoting and developing this organization.